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Virus Removal and Repair
Viruses and malware not only prevent your computer from operating properly, but they can also become a major security issue if not removed promptly. Once we remove the viruses and/or malware, we will ensure the system is repaired from whatever damage was caused by the infection.
Computer Consultation
Whether you are looking for a new computer, or wanting to upgrade your existing one, we can help you make the right choice. Sometimes an upgrade to a current computer will save you hundreds of dollars and keep your computer running fast for several more years.
Data Backup, Recovery and Migration
When buying a new computer, or upgrading your current one, moving the data from the old to the new can be challenging and risky. Let us take the worry out of this process for you, even if your computer will not power on any longer. We also offer backup solutions to prevent future data loss from damaged computers.
Network and WiFi Setup
WiFi is one of the most convenient commodities to have in a household or business, but it is also one of the most frustrating commodities when it is not working properly. We setup new or diagnose problems with current WiFi setups within your household or business.
Remote Assistance and Repair
Remote support is available for most software related problems. This allows us to remotely connect to your computer and perform repairs so that you can sit back and watch as we do our work.
Custom Computers
Have a specific need that you are not sure a store bought computer can perform, like gaming or graphic design? We offer a full consultation to determine your needs and will build your computer from scratch to ensure we deliver on your expectations and your budget.
Technology Recycling
Don’t know where to take your old computers, tablets, televisions, and other various tech devices for recycle? We will recycle most tech items for free. Email us with questions.
Many Other Services
Have a problem with a different tech item and don’t know who to ask? We offer support on many other tech items such as tablets, phones, televisions, etc…. If we don’t have your answer, we don’t charge you. Feel free to inquire via email.